hp printer not printing

HP Printer Not Printing

Why Is My HP Printer Not Printing?

HP Printer is one of the widely used multifunction printers in office premises, home, or educational institutions. It works very well but sometimes this durable and performance-rich device can create some technical glitches too such as HP Printer Not Printing. Few minutes ago, your HP printer prints pretty well but then suddenly stops printing and start spouting out error messages. In that condition you should check the basics first in your printer like:

  • Is the printer turned on?
  • Is it connected to the computer?
  • Does it have paper and toner?
  • Does it have power?

Make sure all these are working and everything is connected properly as only then your printer start printing without any obstacle. Moreover, you can take top-notch services from the dexterous technicians via dialing the given helpline number.

What Could Be Done If My HP Printer Is Not Printing?

You need not to be worried in case your HP printer won’t print out of the blue. There is something you will have to check or do the same process in your HP printer. Follow the below-noted ways of terminating this unable to print issue. Have a look here:

Check HP Printer Status

To eradicate this printing issue, you should check your printer status like:

  • Make sure, there is bundle of papers seated in the paper tray
  • Make sure, not even a single paper stuck or jammed in the paper feed
  • Ink or toner shouldn’t be empty

Cancel All HP Printer Jobs

Many times when you send documents in printer for printing, paper can become stuck in the print queue. If the printed paper stays in the print queue, it can stop all other printing papers. In this case, clearing out the print queue of all jobs might helpful in getting the newer print requests to go through just fine. Let’s start to do so!

  • First of all open the “Control Panel” on your Windows
  • Select “Devices and Printers” from the option
  • Now, find your HP printer in the list of printing devices and give a right click on it
  • Select “See what’s printing” from the drop down list
  • When the new page opens click the “Printer” menu item in the top right and select “Open as Administrator” in the drop-down menu
  • Now, open the “Printer” menu item in the top right again and click on the “Cancel All Documents”
  • At this time a confirmation dialog window will open. You only need to confirm you want to clear all documents in the print queue by selecting “Yes”

Set Your HP Printer As Default Printer

If your printer connection is all OK but nothing is printing, the reason could be that your HP Printer is not set to default in your operating device. Hence, check that and make sure your HP printer is set as default printer. To check it out, follow the below steps:

  • Go to the “Control Panel” by clicking on the “Start” logo button
  • Select “Devices and Printers” from those given multiple options
  • Find your HP printer is the list and give a right click on it
  • After that select “Set as default printer” from the drop down menu
  • Press the “Yes” button to confirm the changes
  • After doing so, you can see a nice little green check mark below the icon of your HP printer; which indicates that your HP printer is now set as default printer

Update HP Printer Driver

If none of the above methods helpful for you, then simply update your HP printer driver to the latest or newest version. It will work in exterminating your printer related problems.

Get Effective Remedy Of HP Printer Not Printing Black Issue

Due to low ink level, Printer Not Printing Black. You can see the printed paper become faded and text or image is not clearly visible. To avoid this not printing black issue, you will have to replace the ink cartridge. So, don’t fuss, in case you are getting faded printouts, color or black ink not printing, documents with blurred or fuzzy text, ink streaks or smears, and other print quality problems. The solution is easy and within a minute it can be done completely. You can either, reinstall the printer driver, use genuine HP ink cartridges, let the printer to take rest, or just check the papers. Furthermore, you can avail reliable and handy remedy from the top-most technicians who are trustworthy and experienced. After getting in touch with them, you will surely receive one-stop solution at your door-step.

Why We Need To Avail Blue-Chip Service For Printer Not Printing Issue?

Don’t be yourself dishearten or egoistic if you can’t deal with the problem printer not printing issue. We have numbers of qualified technicians who are friendly in nature and never let you feel bad. So, hassle-freely avail our service and get instant quality support. The services we offer are:

  • Instant and 100% satisfaction solution
  • Provide remedy within your budget
  • Do not charges enough from the helpless users
  • Door-to-door remedy proffered
  • 100% trustworthy and reliable
  • Effective and quality based services

Therefore, do not waste your more time now. Hurry up! Take your mobile phone is your hand and start giving a ring on the provided helpline number. Your call will be answered by one of the proficient tech-geeks and they will eradicate this printer won’t print issue within a couple of seconds.


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